Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Attracting Force

"You’re About to Learn the Discovery that Enabled Me to Get Out of the Ghetto, to Cheat Death and to Prosper......and How Hundreds of My Students have Attracted Wealth, The Partner of Their Dreams, New Homes or New Careers…and More—and How You Can Too!"

Listen to Dr Dov Baron's audio on his new program - The Attracting Force.

This will massively change your life and attract what you want and it comes with an iron-clad guarranty.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thoughts Becomes Things...

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Live in the Eternal Time Zone

“Matter, energy, space, and time are in mind. When man realizes this, he has mental control over them and controls them at his will.” Lester Levenson from "The Ultimate Truth About Love and Happiness"

What is procrastination?

Why choose limiting thoughts when you can choose eternity?

Let the past be a bunch of facts with no energy attached

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TRANCE STATE by Paul Mckenna

Paul Mckenna is the world's leading hypnotist and the author of "Change Your Life in 7 Days".

His book helps us to integrate powerful new "software" into our minds. The book has exercises based on the amazing mind-control techniques he has developed over many years with his hypnosis experience.

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EnJOY life and be HAPPY - Accelerate Abundance and Success

How to Use the Simple Magic of Mantrams to Command your Superconscious Mind

How would you like to reach your goals without doing any meditationor visualization, without hypnotizing your mind or programming subliminal messages into your subconscious?How about just saying your goals, out loud, once in the morning andonce at night, and having them come to you almost effortlessly?I suggest you try this technique. It's extremely powerful.Here are a few articles about the power of the spoken word, and howspeaking your goals out loud to the universe is by far the easiestway to manifest them quickly.How to Use the Simple Magic of Mantrams to Command YourSuperconscious


How to Create Your "Magic List"

Your Future Is In Your Mind and Mouth

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