Friday, March 03, 2006

Become a Genius and Improve Your Success Rate

These Specially Mastered Sound Tracks Use The Very Latest In Brainwave Technology To Put Your Brain In The Perfect State For Learning.

These soundtracks alter your Brainwaves in a very Precise way, leading to:
  1. The same brainwave patterns as Geniuses and Artists who have been studied using EEG machines.
  2. Increases in numerous neurochemicals beneficial for learning, including: Endorphins, Seratonin, Vasopressin and Catecholamines.
  3. Balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain leading to whole brain functioning.
  4. Reduced filtering of information by the left hemisphere leading to a relaxed receptivity to learning.
  5. Balance between sequential/ linear and global/ intuitive styles of processing leading to much greater access to internal and external sources of knowledge.
  6. Mind chatter is greatly reduced leading to huge increases in concentration and focus.
    The ability to accept new information in a non-analytical, non-judgmental way.
  7. The ability to learn new languages and memorize huge amounts of information effortlessly.
  8. Increased access to intuition leading to far superior problem solving and creative abilities.
    New ideas springing from intuition as well as by reasoning and deduction.
  9. Increased intelligence, focused attention, creativity and clarity.
  10. Increased relaxation along with reduced heart rate and blood pressure, relaxed muscles and a higher percentage of oxygen in the brain.
  11. Superlearning abilities with vast improvements in all mental and cognitive functions.
    Activation of LTP (Long Term Potentiation) vital for the forming of new long term memories.
  12. Increases in the retention and recall of learned material of up to 3000%.

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