Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do you like what you see?

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?
If so, congratulations! You are heading in the directiontoward greater health, happiness and abundance!
If you answered . . .
"Well, no. Not exactly," then you must read this message.There is nothing more important for you to do in the nextfew minutes.
If you don't love yourself, you are building up negativity and doing away with your health, happiness,and abundance.
The bottom-line for Lester Levenson, creator of the Release Technique, was to dump all of his non-lovefeelings.
And, that's all you need to do, too.
That is what cured Lester's sick body, his sickpocketbook and his mental and emotional suffering -and which brought him all the way to the freedom and happiness that never left him.
Are you the one that says,
"Loving myself is too simplistic an exercise to make any significant difference in my life." ... or ...
"I'll love myself LATER (after just a few more hours/days/months of beating myself up)." ... or ...
"Loving myself is egotistical and conceited."
Loving yourself has nothing to do with blowing "sweet-nothings" in your own ear or pumping yourself up with pride. It's about accepting yourself exactly as you are in this very moment - perceived imperfections andall.
So, why are we so habituated in beating ourselves up?
Because, on the ego level, we actually like it.
Disapproving of ourselves and others feeds the ego andkeeps it alive. It's what the ego eats for dinner -judgments, comparisons and criticisms.
And, because we fear the demise of ego as being our owndeath - which it never is - we fight to hold onto it for dear life (lest we let ego and actually BE HAPPY for achange).

What happens if we spend more time disapproving of ourselves instead of approving?
- Our health declines
- Our energy level dives
- Our mood becomens heavy and depressed
- We can't make good decisions
- Our bank account dries up
- Our relationships hit the skids
- Opportunities flee from us
- Bad new follows us
- We stay stuck, unhappy, and frustrated

Now, what happens if we go the other way, toward lovingourselves?

Things improve VERY RAPIDLY when you practice self-love,because likes attract - it's the law of the universe;Positive attracts positive.
- Our health improves
- Our energy increases
- Our mood becomes light and positive
- We make excellent decisions
- All our relationships become loving
- Prosperity flows to us without effort
- Opportunities show up for us constantly
- Good news follows us

We are happy, free and contented - independent of outer circumstances.

So, the bottom line is:
If you want abundance . . . you must love yourself.
If you want health, energy, vitality . . . you must love yourself.
If you want peace, happiness and freedom . . . you must love yourself.
If you want to feel loved . . . you must love yourself.
Sometimes it is a bit hard to accept complete self-loveall at once, as most of us have had a long-standing habit of beating ourselves up. So, work on buiding uplove for yourself in increments. Give yourself love and approval whenever you think of it - plant reminders if you need them.
We each have a choice in every single moment to either approve of ourselves or to disapprove of ourselves.
Which will you choose?

Yours, Larry Crane
The Abundance Course
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Democritus, (460?-370? BC)Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.AristotleTo live happily is an inward power of the soul.

Anne Frank
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